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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce in Boca Raton and Throughout Florida

In 1990, attorney Stuart Webb of Minneapolis, MN decided to address the emotionally-charged issues that he had been witnessing after 15 years of practicing traditional family law.  He is generally thought to be the founder of collaborative family law. 

Under collaborative law, both parties and their attorneys participate in a series of meetings to negotiate all terms of the divorce.  Couples negotiate division of property, spousal support, and parenting and support issues concerning the children—without the help of a judge.  In addition to an impartial mediator, the specialists included in these meetings take action to help resolve the issues within their areas of specialty.  The result of a successful collaborative divorce in Boca Raton is a divorce agreement that can be reviewed, approved, and finalized in family court.

Determining when Collaborative Divorce Is Right for You

Florida couples seeking a collaborative divorce need to understand that it requires that both parties trust each other—and they both need to have a strong commitment to the process.  If the relationship has not deteriorated to the point where they cannot negotiate, these couples may find collaborative family law to be an excellent solution to achieving the best future for the spouses and their children.

The Rules of Collaborative Law

The first step is for Boca Raton couples to understand the rules behind collaborative divorce.  The law sets forth certain specific requirements:

  • Attorneys trained in collaborative law:  Both attorneys must have undergone specialized training in collaborative processes and techniques.
  • Collaborative attorneys must resign if the process breaks down:  If the collaborative divorce process does not result in full agreement to a settlement, the couple may decide to pursue their divorce using more traditional methods.  In this case, both collaborative attorneys must completely resign from the case, and the couple must seek new representation and start over.

Although it is not a legal requirement, there should be an equal power distribution and a significant level of trust between both parties.  This is why marriages ending due to domestic violence are not good candidates for a collaborative divorce in Boca Raton. 

Where to Go in Boca Raton for Divorce Advice

For any type of divorce, you need the assistance of an experienced and compassionate divorce lawyer in Boca Raton.  A qualified attorney listens to the details of your situation and guides you toward the options that make the most sense for you.

With nearly 30 years in private practice, the Law Offices of Richard B. Barkin represents individuals in divorce proceedings in Palm Beach and Broward Counties and the southern Atlantic coast of Florida.  We are skilled in handling both contested and uncontested divorce and help guide our clients to the right solution.  If you need legal advice and representation for a divorce, contact the Law Offices of Richard B. Barkin.


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