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Understanding Separation in Boca Raton

There is any number of reasons why couples may choose to separate before taking the more permanent step of filing for divorce.  Just a few examples are as follows:

  • To try to work out differences without the strain of living together
  • To decide whether they really want to live apart
  • To test potential terms for divorce, but on a temporary basis

Most states provide a means for legal separation—in Florida, however, the law does not directly support separation.  But, while Boca Raton couples cannot obtain a separation agreement, Florida law does provide legal means to resolve such issues as child support, custody, and time sharing (visitation), as well as spousal support during a separation.

When Couples Should Negotiate Legal Terms for a Separation

Not all couples in Boca Raton need to negotiate the terms of a separation.  If they want to separate after a short-term marriage, or when no children or other complicating issues are involved, separation is simple—one person can just move out.  But, when your lives are intertwined, negotiations may be needed, as in the following situations:

  • You need to decide custody and support issues of children.
  • Neither spouse wants to move out of the family home.
  • Both spouses have interests in a family business.

How the Terms of a Florida Separation are Made Legal

When separating couples in Boca Raton decide to negotiate the terms of their separation, the most important step is to find one or two divorce attorneys with experience negotiating the terms.  When couples cannot reach agreement, Florida law permits these issues to be decided in court.  Either way, official documents are prepared, reviewed by the courts, and finalized.

One advantage of a legal separation agreement in Boca Raton is that is gives the couple an opportunity to see how well the terms work without the terms being permanent.  If the spouses later decide to divorce, they have a good foundation for the terms of the divorce and can easily adjust the details before heading to divorce court.

A Separation in Boca Raton or Throughout Florida Requires Skilled Legal Assistance

Even though a separation is not permanent, you need an experienced, qualified lawyer who supports your interests.  The lawyers in the Law Offices of Richard B. Barkin are committed to providing skilled and compassionate support during this emotionally-charged time.  Contact the Law Offices of Richard B. Barkin for advice and representation for your marital issues.


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