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Filing for Divorce

Filing for Divorce in Boca Raton

Dealing with the stress of a divorce could be one of the most difficult experiences anyone can face.  But, when Boca Raton individuals understand a bit about the divorce process—and how their decisions can reduce the stress—filing divorce in Boca Raton can be easier than expected.

Retaining Experienced Attorneys

The first step in any divorce is to select an attorney.  In most cases, both parties retain their own divorce attorneys—but, it is possible for both parties to use the same attorney, particularly if they do not have children and have few issues to resolve.  An experienced divorce attorney carefully listens to the details of the case before recommending options for how the divorce can best be handled.

Negotiating the Terms of Divorce

When couples who file divorce in Boca Raton have at least some areas where they agree, they can file an uncontested divorce through divorce mediation or collaborative divorce to negotiate the terms of their divorce before entering the courtroom.  A successful collaborative divorce process results in full agreement to all terms—distribution of property, spousal support, and the critical issues surrounding parenting and support of the children.  Divorce mediation may result in full agreement, or it may reduce the areas of disagreement.

Negotiation is an option only if couples are at least in partial agreement.  And, if domestic abuse or other serious issues are involved, reaching a fair settlement through negotiation may not be possible.  In these cases, couples are best advised to pursue a contested divorce, heading to court without attempting to negotiate.

Going to Court

The degree of successful negotiation prior to the trial significantly affects the courtroom experience.  Overall, the judge has final responsibility for deciding the terms of the divorce, with his or her primary consideration being to ensure the well-being of the children.  But, the judge first looks at any negotiated agreements which, if approved, are finalized without further courtroom activities.

Any terms that remain in question are subject to a standard courtroom process, where both attorneys present the cases of their clients, and the judge renders a final decision based on Florida divorce law guidelines.  In a contested divorce, every issue is tried in this way.

In the end, the divorce is finalized, and both parties and their children begin new lives in accordance with the divorce decree.

Where to Go for Experienced Divorce Assistance in Boca Raton

Whether you seek a contested or uncontested divorce, you need the assistance of an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney in Boca Raton.  A qualified attorney listens to the details of your situation and guides you toward the options that make the most sense for you.

With nearly 30 years in private practice, the Law Offices of Richard B. Barkin represents individuals in divorce proceedings in Palm Beach and Broward Counties and the southern Atlantic coast of Florida.  We are skilled in handling both contested and uncontested divorce and help guide our clients to the right solution.  If you need legal advice and representation for a divorce, contact the Law Offices of Richard B. Barkin.


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